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One-day festival KUNSTENTROPIE
Alien Review

11.11.2018, Gallery AU, Vienna

Organizers: Amalija Stojsavljević and Vladislava Savić

Participans: Kristina Kekić, Danilo Stojić, Katie Woznicki, KACHAMAK ARTISTIC GROUP, Predrag Almažan, Amanita Dodola, Lenhart Tapes, Skreč Majstor Ljuban

Executing Organisation: Verein Kunstentropie

Partner Organisations: LINE IN-Vienna / AT, KACHAMAK- Zurich / CH, UNDERGRAD-Multimedia Organization-Užice / SRB

The one-day festival KUNSTENTROPIE is an international art project conceived as a cooperation between four NGO organizations from Austria, Switzerland and Serbia, as well as several independent artists. The aim of the festival is, through various activities such as exhibition, fanzin workshop, book presentation and music, to put the focus on the alternative production of artists and cultural workers who are either physically in the diaspora or have a specific emotional or artistic relationship with this sociocultural phenomenon.

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