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Amalija Stojsavljević (Pančevo/ Serbia, 1984) is an art historian, curator, and manager in culture based in Vienna. She explores the phenomena of otherness and marginality with a focus on female reproductive labor, Art Brut/ Outsider art, and contemporary embroidery. 

Among the numerous realized projects that include exhibitions, reviews, essays, festivals, lectures, workshops, she is especially proud of the project Uterus Effects (2020), whose part is the homonymous publication about art, maternity and reproductive system disease as well as the publication On the Margin of the Austrian Mainstream Art Discourse: Art Brut and Disability Art during the Coronavirus Pandemic (2022).

The last two major projects she worked on are: Hand Job: What we know about contemporary non-traditional embroidery (Gallery Remont, Belgrade, 2022 and Gallery Janez Puhar - Stolp Škrlovec, Layerjeva Hiša, Kranj, 2023) and co-curated exhibition Doing the Dirty Work within the festival Wienwoche (Semmelweis Klinik, Vienna, 2022). 

She is the founder of the association Kunstentropie in Vienna (2018), whose goal is to promote feminist and outsider art and culture.


From November 2022, she also became a vice president and program director of the association Art Brut Serbia from Belgrade.


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